Our Philosophy

Throughout my journey as a Brazilian architect and an international designer in Toronto, I have seen people living in places that do not accommodate their needs, and do not provide a healthy relationship with their living spaces.

A home is a precious space that must reflect your inner self and provide you with care.

A house has to serve you.

In modern life things are so dynamic and fast that people often end-up living in several rentals units, until a day in their life they finally have their own home or permanent space. It is at this moment that I want to meet you!

It would be my pleasure to design your dream house (or dream commercial), condo, loft or any space of great importance. I want to design it so it serves you for you and your needs.

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Process Step by Step



We interview you and your family. It is a moment we get to know you, your personality, your needs and taste. At this stage we have a bunch of questions for you to extract what we will need to grow from. If it is possible we like to do a tour in your current home.
It is a psychological dynamic where we can get to know you better by experiencing first hand your current environment. This is vital to the process.



We create a design concept. It is a very thoughtful step. It is where we will translate all the notes and perceptions to a 2d and 3d design from the first step. We will make graphics and lists to show you how your home is going to be your home. By the way, You must tell us how involved you want to be in the process. The design is made by our hands but if you are very particular, you are more than welcome to have your hands in this too. We love working with clients as a team. Just have in mind, that way will add more time in the processes and deliveries. At the end of this phase is when you will sign off on the concept before we move on.



Is when we put all our engines on full throttle. “It’s go time!” We only start this phase when concepts are singed off, materials are chosen, and details ironed out. During this phase we are preparing all documentation for you, and in many cases this will include permit drawings ( including structural, mech, plumb, ect. (If required), full interior design packages, final renderings, and applications for permits (if required). In most cases we will facilitate permit applications but this is an option and if you desire to apply as the home owner or have a general contractor already you wish to use we are happy to work with your team as well. At this stage changes will incur additional costs and time lines will be extended. We do understand that it is your home and we will do our best to accommodate as needed. In the end your home your haven and our goal is to ensure that stays number one right to the end.